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The destination wedding

Have love, will travel...

With the world opening up again and more accessible air travel than ever before, for an increasing number of couples that dreamy destination wedding is becoming a reality.

In our time performing together, The Hope Street Busking Band have provided entertainment at weddings all over the globe, from the UK to Thailand, Russia, Italy and even The Gambia. It's a pretty magical experience and one we always feel truly blessed to undertake. But what about the people doing the planning? Here are a few things we think will help get the entertainment at that jet-set big day just right:

Going local or bringing your band?

When booking music for your destination wedding, there are so many factors to consider. The first big question of course is which band do you choose? Do you hire a band local to your ceremony or arrange to fly out an act of your choice from the UK? Neither of course, are without logistical issues.

Whilst a local band will undoubtedly be cheaper, there may be a language barrier when making your arrangements, international payments to consider and the style of music may not be exactly what you're accustomed to here at home. Of course these things are all issues that can be worked around if you feel it's what's right for you!

Bringing a band from home will mean a few extra plans need to be made, arranging travel and accommodation for the act etc. But it does mean you'll be 100% sure of what you're getting ahead of the day and will provide less complications in sorting the package that's right for you.

A name you can trust.

If you decide to go ahead with flying your own entertainment out from home, there are a few criteria you want to make sure they meet. For example, try to opt for an act that have travelled and played internationally before, rather than one that have never left the country. Choosing a band familiar with destination weddings means that things such as transporting musical instruments, working visas, foreign equipment hire and navigating flights and travel are all covered. This will result in a lot less stress for you, and mean you are far less likely to end up with any problems to solve at the last minute!

And the price?

Destination weddings cost. It's an inescapable fact. But whilst hiring a band from home is definitely going to up your bill, getting the perfect soundtrack to your day will be worth it 100 times over. When looking at costing for a destination wedding there are a few things to consider. The band's standard fee for example, is likely to be higher by at least a few hundred pound to allow for travel time. Then there's equipment hire. Whilst the act may be bringing their own guitars etc, speaker and PA equipment will need to be hired from a local firm and this will be costed into your bill.

You then need to factor in travel and accommodation. I would recommend booking this for your act yourself as you can shop around for the best deals, but if you'd like the act to sort them, the costs will also be factored into their quote.

It's all in the details..

You've chosen your venue, you've picked a musician you can trust, so what next? It's time for logistics!

Equipment- Trying to source lighting rigs, Amplifiers etc if you're not familiar with the technical side of live music can be a really daunting task. An experienced band will take this on and liaise with local companies for you, letting them know exactly what's needed and having a good idea of the best price. Obviously the cheaper the set up the lower the sound quality, so do trust your act to know what's going to work best whilst also finding you a good deal.

Travel- If you're booking flights and accommodation for your act, do make sure they can arrive at your chosen airport in time from their location. I would recommend flying your entertainment out 48 hours ahead of the big day rather than the day before. Whilst this costs more in hotels etc, it saves any stress of delayed or cancelled flights. Your act will also need to get from the airport to your venue with their equipment, so planning suitable taxies or coaches is a must.

Food- This is an obvious one but so easy to forget! If your act is with you for any bulk of time on the big day, they're going to need to eat. The simplest way to arrange this is adding extra meals onto your guest tally when booking food with the venue. The band can then just request their portions during their designated break.


So there you have our take on the need to knows for those far flung vows. As always for any more information, advice or to make a booking, drop on by and give us a call. We're ready to make some magic!

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