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Our Story

The Hope Street Busking Band are a group of lifelong friends, who have been playing together in various forms for 15 years. Starting out busking on the streets of Liverpool, the band quickly garnered attention from passers by and before long were taking bookings for events all over the country. 
A decade has since past and The Hope Street Busking Band have grown into a well loved and trusted name in the functions scene, having played together in countries as far flung as Italy, Russia, Thailand, and even The Gambia. Now enjoying a full time gigging career and with the addition of our dedicated client liaison Sophie, the band are truly in their prime.
What really makes this group a stand out is their unique mix of talent, humour and heart. Great friends working as a tight unit that never miss a beat, the boys are guaranteed to bring a warm family atmosphere and an experience you'll never forget. 
Here's to many more years of magic.

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