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In the words of Jerry Maguire...

"Help me, help you." How to get the most from your client liaison.

The Hope Street Busking Band have many unique selling points. Their life long friendship, their ability to provide music spanning all genres and generations, and their willingness to travel to the far flung corners of the earth to name just a few. Another of these wonderful USP's is the presence of a full time client liaison making sure every detail of your performance is just right... (Hi! That's me!)

When you book an events package with the Hope Street Busking Band, you're not just getting a crack team of experienced musicians with years in the business. You're not just getting three lovely lads who will go above and beyond to give you the performance of a lifetime. You're not just getting an act that can cater your full day from acoustic ceremony, to full band dance party right through to the DJ set at the end of the night. Oh no, you're also getting a full time entertainment coordinator who knows the industry well and has a penchant for crying at romantic stories..(that's me too.)

My role as bookings manager/ client liaison means that from the moment you book with us I am on hand to tailor make your package to you. I work with every client to ensure that they get a bespoke musical experience that fits their timings, tastes and gives a great big nod to who they are as a couple. So, how do you get the most from having a band with a client liaison?

Ask away

For most couples planning a wedding, booking live entertainment is a totally new experience, and can be quite a daunting one. There are a lot of unfamiliar terms, costing and timing options to contend with, and questions are bound to arise. I'm always on hand to clear things up, or liaise with your venue on those technical details so you don't have to. No issues are too big or too small to want some professional advice on, so please, ask away! When you're planning your big day there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Make it your own

The Hope Street set list is an impressive one. There isn't a decade they can't cover and for the most part, they know everyone's favourite tune. The music is going to sound great, the dance floor is going to be full, they've got you covered. The one way we can make it even better, is by making each set personal to you. Every booking I make has it's own running set of notes that let the band know all about you. It's a place to put down all the songs from the set you'd really love to hear, any that you don't and to organise your special requests- First dance, dedications etc. Some of our couples like to send us a Spotify playlist of all their favourite tracks to use as background music or to give us an idea of what to include in their DJ sets. It's all of these little touches that help us to give you the most perfect day, so it's worth making the most of them!

You've got a friend in me

There's nothing I love more than getting know our couples, building up a rapport, and being there to help on this incredible journey. I'm really glad to talk you through the need to knows, chat on the phone when we're making plans, and in a post covid world, available to meet up face to face to get your package all set (doubly so if there happens to be a licensed individual serving ice cold prosecco at said appointment). My availability to give advice, lend a hand and help you to make plans extends way past your initial booking and right the way up to the last song of the night. Because when you chose the Hope Street Busking Band for your big day, you're choosing an entire team that care about the little details, the big moments, and most importantly, you.


If you'd like to find out a little bit more about HSBB and what we do, drop us a comment, stop by the website for a chat, or give us a bell. We can't wait to hear from you!

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