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What about weddings?

Here's how we're handling another four week delay...

Last night saw another four week delay to weddings returning to "normal" announced. For us in the industry, as well as thousands of couples, things have been turned upside-down yet again. The guidance was mixed at best, and the lift on capacity doesn't make a great deal of difference to many venues whilst social distancing remains. So what are we really allowed to do, is it worth postponing again, and how can we support our couples due to get hitched before July 19th's new "Freedom date"?

New Rules

The statement on about new guidance for weddings is LONG, like, Lord of the rings marathon long, and every bit as confusing. Here is a link if you'd like to take a look (it is worth reading in full before making any big decisions): and here are some key points we picked out that might make a difference to how you plan your big day:

1) Dance floors indoors are banned but dancing is not- it is however "advised against".

2) Dancing and singing outside are allowed, though social distancing is recommended.

3) Singing indoors is allowed provided "safe singing practices" are followed.

4) Entertainers and singers are still allowed both indoors and out, but must follow the guidance above.

5) There is no limit to the amount of professional performers you can have at your wedding- but they are included in your distancing numbers.

6) Face masks must be worn inside unless you are seated to eat and drink, but are not required outside.

7) There is no requirement for tables of six, or even for guests to be socially distanced at tables.

8) 50% of a tent or marquee's sides must be open for it to count as an "outdoor space".

9) Private gardens are permitted but must be outdoor only aside for exceptional circumstances.

10) Whilst the cap on guest numbers has been lifted, all venues must undertake their own risk assessment and provide safe figures for their own events.

Number ten is a big one, it's absolutely vital to check in with your venue when planning for the next few weeks, as even with the guest limit cap removed, many venues cannot take larger numbers whilst still meeting the legal requirements for social distancing, and may even have their own rules on performances, tables numbers etc.

Adapting to suit you

Our aim here at The Hope Street Busking Band is to deliver high quality entertainment, packed with heart, in a way that gives all of our couples the best possible day. This has never changed, and in these trying times, we're more committed than ever to working with you in a way that will make your wedding journey as smooth as it can be. I'm available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help make plans via phone, zoom, email or face to face, and am always willing to liaise with your venue on your behalf to lighten the load a little. So how can we adapt to suit your day?

1) Lets go outside! Weather permitting we're always happy to set up and play outdoors. Especially in these hazy summer months. As long as your venue has a power supply we can connect to, we're good to go. This takes away any worries around singing, dancing and masks. It is worth noting however that the location of some venues may mean limits to the amount of outdoor noise that is allowed in the evening.

2) Strip back for space- We understand the amount of space required to set up a full band could make a difference to the number of guests your venue can allow, and whilst I can't shrink the boys (believe me I've tried) we can adapt our equipment to suit you. If you'd like to go ahead with your band but can't make space for amps and percussion, Hope Street offers a stripped back set-up, including the use of a Cajon instead of a full drum kit. Is it quite as loud? No it is not. Does it still sound great? Yes it absolutely does. Can you still dance to it? Heck yeah!

3) Times change- If you already have us booked for any part of your big day, but need to shuffle your timings around, perhaps swapping the afternoon for the evening etc, we'll always try our level best to fit in with your plans. With enough notice we can update our travel plans, and check we don't have anything else scheduled that day that would impact us from being there whenever suits you best.

4) Moving day- Some couples will, I'm sure be making the difficult decision to postpone their wedding in order to have the big day they've dreamt of. If that's the case for you please rest assured that we understand, and we'll do everything we can to work with you on securing a new date, moving your deposit across with it, and being there with bells on when the big day finally rolls around!


So what's the take-away? Well, it's not all bad news! Numbers are on the up, dancing, all be it without a dance floor, is back on the cards and #whataboutweddingsuk continue to work tirelessly with the people in charge to fight both your corner and ours.

As always, what ever your plans, we're only a message away and dedicated to being endlessly optimistic, always full of hope and delivering the day you deserve with that signature Hope Street heart.

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