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These are a few of our favourite things.

What makes the team tick...

Working in the wedding industry is a very special thing. We get to share one of the greatest days of people's lives with them, their loved ones, their friends, and when we set off for work in the morning, we know we're going to spend the day surround by laughter and love. Lucky? I think so. This week I asked the boys what their favourite thing about being in a wedding band was, and the answers were too good not to share!

Alun- Drums

"I like it at the end of the night when we've said our goodbyes, and our couple tell us how happy the guests are. "We're so happy we booked you" is a nice way to cap off a wedding. "

There are few things as satisfying in life as a job well done. And when that job is bringing the party to the biggest celebration of someone's life, it's a feeling that's pretty hard to beat. Every single Hope Street Busking Band booking is treated with warmth, dedication and care, and it shows; in the full dance floor, in the smiling faces, in the sound of singing around the room. The boys work tirelessly to make sure that everyone in the party is having a wonderful time, and every second of hard work is worth it when you hear a happy goodbye at the end of the night.

Frank- Bass/Vocals

" I just love seeing people having a great time on the dance floor. Seeing people dancing together who might not have seen each other for a good while is always lovely. It’s boss being able to cater to those moments."

Witnessing a moment of joy and love is always an incredible thing, and luckily for us, every wedding we play is full of hundreds of them! To be able to provide the soundtrack to the ultimate party is a huge privilege, and one that isn't lost on any of us here at the Hope Street Busking Band. Watching family and friends, old and new dance and sing and celebrate the existence of the people they love is a one in a million feeling, and these boys get to do it every weekend!

Ste- Lead Vocals/Guitar

"The first dance. Seeing two people so in love and getting to make that moment happen for them is such an emotive thing. Father/daughter dances too, they're always so special and give you memories that last a lifetime."

Whether you're dreading your first dance, or you've worked out and perfected a routine that would put the strictly ballroom team to shame, it's undeniably one of the biggest moments of the day! A few minutes where all the hubbub stops, and it's just the two if you, wrapped in a song that means the world. Watching that moment from the stage is a pretty wonderful thing. And our love of this moment means that when you book it with us, you're in the safest hands. Father daughter dances mean the world too. One of my favourite comments the boys have ever received after a wedding was the bride letting us know it was "the best moment of her dads life." How do you ever top that?

Sophie- Bookings manager/Client liaison

" What do I love the most? It's the little details I think, finding out a couple's first dance, helping plan a surprise from the bride to the groom, hearing why an aisle song means so much. That's where I find the most joy."

In my role, being the planner often means that I'm the stay-homer too. 99% of the time I won't get to see the big day, witness the I do's, or pretending I'm not crying ALL THE WAY THROUGH the first dance. But that doesn't mean I miss out on all the fun. From the second a booking is made I start working on getting everything just right; coordinating with venues, arranging timings, personalising set lists, giving suggestions, and it's such a joy. Moments like finding out what a bride is walking down the aisle to or the story behind the first dance get me right in the feels- It's definitely my favourite bit!


Our team here at The Hope Street Busking Band truly love what we do, and we love to hear from you too! Why not drop us a message in the comments box with all of your favourite things, that way we can make them happen too!

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