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The Hope Street Story

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

What makes the band so special...

I adore the Hope Street Busking band! Yes, of course, I'm probably a little biased, but there's no denying they're a one in a million group, and there are so many reasons why...

A band built on love

The Hope Street Busking Band have been playing together in various forms since they were 15 years old. One of my favourite stories to hear them tell is of the day our singer Ste, aged 9 years old, entered the back garden of his new house for the first time to be greeted by a little head popping up over the fence and asking if he wanted to play. That friendly little head belonged to our bassist Frank, and the pair have been inseparable since. And then came Alun-our darling drummer- who the boys met when starting college together and soon became the final piece of their puzzle.

Playing in independent bands, joining in each other's projects, and busking on the streets of Liverpool, the band soon garnered attention from the public. It wasn't long before the trio became a respected and well loved part of the UK function scene, and began getting requests from all over the world to travel out and play. For the entirety of their teenage and adult lives the boys of the Hope Street Busking band have been there for each others greatest highs and lows- just this month our singer Ste played and sang while Alun proposed to his beautiful partner Katy! And it's that level of love and dedication that is brought to every show. When you book with Hope Street, you book an outfit that runs seamlessly on friendship and heart.

Experience trumps all

From the tiniest pubs and clubs of Liverpool, through the most beautiful wedding venues in the UK, to the beaches of Thailand and The Gambia, the Hope Street Busking Band have seen it all.

With over ten years in the wedding scene playing between 40-50 gigs a year, the boys have a vast amount of experience, and knowledge by the bucketful. You can trust that from the moment you book, you will be in a safe pair of hands (or four) that ensure your entertainment runs like clockwork, and thinks of everything, so you don't have to!

I've never met a band better at reading a room, keeping a dance floor full, and making sure the party feel like part of the band and vice versa. The group understands exactly what's needed to make a perfect set and are incredibly talented musicians to boot. Add this to their unmissable charm and you've got yourselves a winner! Any room entered by these three as strangers, is certainly left as friends.

Variety is the spice of life

One of the biggest pluses to a band like The Hope Street Busking Band, is their incredible set list. Spanning all decades from the fifties through to the modern day, there isn't a taste they can't cater to. Add to this the bands enormously eclectic personal tastes, and the fact that all three of them have a huge passion for all things music, you are left with a trio that can play almost anything, and can play it well. That love and understanding of music is a priceless tool when it comes to constantly expanding their set list, and the passion and heart they put into learning those special requests we have from each of our couples ahead of their big day.

And then there's me

One of the (many) unique selling points of The Hope Street Busking Band, is the addition of a full time customer liaison and bookings manager. With many years experience of organising events, from weddings, to fundraisers, sporting tournaments and beyond, I've never met a problem I can't solve, or a party I didn't like! This experience teamed with the fact I care enormously about every single client we meet, means your set lists, schedules and requests will be expertly cared for and round the clock help and ideas are always on hand. Working with the Hope Street Busking Band is one of my greatest joys, and that's because they are so very easy to love.


I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about us, and we love so much to learn about you. Here's to your celebrations past and future, we can't wait to be there.

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